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Upgrade and display your events

Manage your agenda, document your events with media resources of your choice and publish it online and on public displays.

Capture d'écran de l'affichage public proposé par Kronikle. À l'écran il est présenté les événements du mois en cours sous forme de vignettes ainsi que la possibilité de rechercher par thème des événements.

Broadcast your events

Reach a wider audience by making your events available on all media in just a few clicks: web applications, public displays, print. Now you can broadcast your program wherever you want.

Enrich your agenda

Give added value to each of your events by enriching them with a wide range of media: videos, replays, podcasts, bibliography, etc. Build up a collection of content that will always be accessible.

Explore your past

Make the most of your past events by making them accessible to your users. Gain new perspectives on your activity by keeping track of your past achievements.

Knowledge pods for your users

With the QR code present in Kronikle your users can get view the events you published and access the contents you curated from anywhere in the world.

From digital to physical

Turn your augmented events and all the media you’ve linked to them into print-ready PDF files in just one click. Flyers, bookmarks and more – all objects that your users can take home and consult at their convenience.

They trust us

Every event is a gateway to your content

Add links to any of your own content, or to the content you wish to highlight for each of the events in your calendar. Each resource can be categorized, commented and illustrated to facilitate and enrich your users’ experience.

It’s all done without wasting time, thanks to our efficient, easy-to-use interface.

An intuitive search interface

Let your users explore your past and future programmation with an interface that lets them find the events they want.

The search panel has been designed to allow precise searches of your calendar without putting off less experienced users.

Where does it come from?

Kronikle is a stems from of the European PLACED research project. The tool we propose was inspired by the results of participatory design workshops, some examples of which can be found on our Inspirations page.

carte participative d'une bibliothèque

What makes us shine

Linked to you

Do you already manage your calendar in an online tool? We can create a module for you to import your events into Kronikle.


Kronikle is an intuitive tool, the fruit of iterative design and the outcome of numerous workshops with professionals. It’s also a tool that’s constantly evolving to better serve your needs.

Your image

We can easily integrate your colors and logos into Kronikle’s public pages.

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Are you inspired by our project? Would you like to find out more? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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